Security is an art

With a complete shift in how processes work today. From implementation to operationalization – we take care of everything.

Master your cloud journey as we help define the intricate processes; assisting you to better understand how to successfully and seamlessly implement necessary practices that support business transformation.

Transform to modern DevOps processes with CI/CD toolchain deployments & integrations. We help organizations to implement, pilot and migrate existing tools to a new toolset – tremendously improving processes to keep up with other changes within the organization.

Below factors, how you prioritize, select & approach your cloud applications design, ecosystem design, cloud-native, or marketplace technologies, integrations & organizational change.

  • Speed to market, Speed to Value.
  • Operational overhead reduction by leveraging managed/platform services
  • Fit to purpose vs One size fits all
  • Composable & Decoupled architectures
  • Cloud Portability & Vendor Lock-ins & Multi-Cloud considerations
  • Technical Debt management and elimination
  • Design for trusted or untrusted environment (Highly Secure)
  • Everything breaks all the time – apply automation & self-healing capabilities, as appropriate

Strong Technology Expertise

Trained and certified resources across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and etc. to support all your data projects.

Prioritized, Iterative Delivery

NTPL applies a ‘light agile’, agile or client preferred execution cadence for POCs, or full project.

Automate Security

Automate core safety by embedding security within every step of the development process to overcome latency and make sure that everyone in the software development cycle is responsible for security.

Minimize Risk

Ensure your business enjoys the security it needs earlier within the lifecycle of your application development; minimizing risk as you shift your business a step closer to IT and business objectives.


Technology Partners

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