IoT Based Employee Attendance and Tracking Solutions

Automated Attendance Monitoring System, Time and Attendance System, IoT Smart Attendance System or Employee Tracking Solution.

  • Low-Cost And Flexible
  • Minimises wasteful paper record keeping
  • Useful in both office and workshop environments
  • Enable administrators to quickly take real-time attendance
  • Provides robust, secure and automatic attendance
  • Reduce truancy, enhance punctuality, improve focus, retention, achievement and success.
  • Managing and maintaining attendance is no longer a hassle. Take attendance quickly and efficiently.
  • Management gets auto generated attendance reports at the end of each day.

Easy to use, efficient and effective, mClock eliminates employee time theft and provides you with an accurate record for payroll calculation.

Spending time, money and effort on traditional biometric attendance systems is a waste when bdAttendance provides a solution which requires no heavy hardware installations, no constant upkeep and annual maintenance costs.

IoT Based App

Application runs on basis of Internet Of Things(IOT) concept.

Easy-to-use interface

Our app is easy to navigate and our Sort Feature makes it simpler to shortlist your schemes.

Mobile Modules

Employees, Manager & Head will get mobile app to check daily activities.

Centralized Dashboard

Manage all your schemes & transactions at one place, monitor performance & analytics.


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